Sinner resounding: he is in the final at the Next Gen Atp Finals


MILAN – With a performance to be framed, Yannik Sinner wins the final of the Next Gen Atp Finals, surpassing the Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic, number 60 in the world, with a score of 2-4, 4-1, 4-2, 4-2, and will challenge tomorrow De Minaur (n ° 18 of the ranking) for the title of best Under 21 of world tennis. Sinner dominates the first game, Kecmanovic goes on 2-1 tearing the service to the blue, which remains clinging to the match when, in the 5th, goes under 40-15 and comeback up to 2-3. All useless, the Serbian takes home the first set easily. The South Tyrolean class 2001 then dominates the first game of the second set but proves to suffer terribly in response the power of the opponent, finding a winner only in the third backhand game, repeating the blow a few moments later: on 40-40 he forces Kecmanovic to the error, with a counter-break that earned him 3-1. Perfect for service, 1-1 the total set count. Very long exchange at the beginning of the third set, with the Serbian service and a resounding blow from the Alto Adige that earned him 15-0. "There are no solutions, I don't get it with my arm, I have to be strong with my head"he says to the coach Riccardo Piatti during the short break, he returns to the field and signs a counter-break, leaving the Belgrade boy at zero. Kecmanovic then goes to 40-0, Sinner responds to grit and character and brings home another spectacular game. Notable strikes on one side and the other also in the third game, so a smash and an ace pave the way for Sinner to 3-1, with the adversary making the next one, before capitulating under the blows of Yannik: 2 sets to one for the blue. A game of the two antagonists at the beginning of the fourth set, crucial the third game with Serbian batting: on 40-40, Sinner's sci-fi volleys for 2-1. Fundamental not to go wrong, the Italian does not betray the expectations and brings home the very important 3-1 game. Kecmanovic blames the blow and loses concentration, the match seems to be over, but with two exceptional strokes he prolongs the contention of another game, swept by the Italian, who at the end of the match will say: "It was Riccardo's birthday (Dishes), I tried to give him a gift". Chapeau.

Sinner: "If I continue like this the ranking will improve"

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