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MILAN – From September 2009 to the present day, Italy has lost 200,000 neighborhood shops between craft businesses and small retail businesses. This is another of the accounts of the crisis that has hit our country in the last ten years, as evidenced by the revisions of the CG of Mestre. In particular, 178,500 artisan businesses and 29,500 retail businesses have disappeared from the radar.

The black decade of small businesses: since 2008 I lost 200 thousand shops

At the regional level, the most affected by the crisis of artisan businesses was Sardinia, which in the last 10 years has seen the number drop by 19.1 percent. Abruzzo is followed with 18.3 percent and Umbria with 16.6 percent. On the other hand, the performance of companies active in small businesses suffered the most significant reduction in Valle d'Aosta with 18.8 percent, in Piedmont with 14.2 percent and in Friuli Venezia Giulia with 11, 6 percent. Compared to the negative trend, Calabria (+3 percent), Lazio (+3.3 percent) and Campania (+4.6 percent) are the opposite sign

And even if the data on the collapse of shops are affected by the strong shift towards large-scale distribution and e-commerce, in general they reflect the massive drop in consumption, a consequence of the continuing crisis.

Compared to 2007 (pre-crisis year) Italian families have "cut" consumption for an amount of 21.5 billion euros. The South was the geographic breakdown that registered the most important reduction. From 2007 to 2018, southern families "cut" the average monthly expenditure of 131 euros (on average 1,572 euros per year), those in the North 78 euros (936 euros per year) and those of the Center 31 euros (372 euros per year).

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