Simeone, disappointed love and desire for revenge. Regret? In Cagliari, new life but old habits


Two seasons in the balance between love and hate, hope and resignation. Before an almost inevitable farewell. Giovanni Simeone and and Fiorentina will meet on a gray Sunday in mid-autumn, as in the most poignant revival of love. Only that disappointed love is gone today. The time of an infatuation lasted, and probably will not even return: to the Sardinia Arena they will be adversaries, simple obstacles to overcome to continue in the respective paths of growth. On the one hand Fiorentina, to discover herself, on the other Simeone, still hunting for a leap in quality.

There are those in Florence who regret it, relying on the problems related to the inclusion of Vlahovic and Pedro in the eleven holder of Montella. But would Simeon really have been so comfortable in purple? Let's start with an objective consideration: the Argentine, transcending for a moment the evaluations on the value of the player, would not have been a holder in Florence. At least in departure. Obviously things can change, but Montella and Prade – beyond the legitimate statements of circumstance – have always had in mind a type of attacker different from him for the new Fiorentina. It is no coincidence that Pedro, Boateng and Vlahovic, as well as Chiesa and Ribery, often deployed as an offensive couple, have little or nothing in common with Simeon (but also between them).

In this first part of the season, the former number 9 lily has more or less confirmed what was shown in Florence in the last two years: with the 3 goals scored in 10 games played with the rossoblu jersey takes home the average of one goal each 264 ′, slightly lower – despite the wind at the back of a team that is flying on the wings of enthusiasm – than the one in purple, equal to one every 255 ′. But going beyond the numbers, it is enough to have seen a couple of Cagliari games to realize that Simeone is more or less the same player that we had said just over two months ago (it would be strange the opposite). With the same qualities and the same defects. To keep an eye on Sunday will be above all his desire for revenge. Because he would have been more than willing in Florence, but Fiorentina's plans were other: THE GENESIS OF THE NEW VIOLET ATTACK.

Again Simeone: "First as an ex? Emotions range from love to displeasure. Montella … "

Simeone: "Against Fiorentina I just want to win. Europe? I bring everyone to Argentina "

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