Silvio Berlusconi, Venice effect: after the flood, he found the leader for Altra Italia


Silvio Berlusconi launches the mayor of Venice as its possible successor. "I hope so because he is an entrepreneur, he is the mayor of a beautiful city like Venice and he is a sports man." Luigi Brugnaro, born in 1961, mayor of Venice from 2015 here, has all the features to drive theOther Italy, writes the Newspaper on newsstands November 15th. Other Italy is the ball of Berlusconi: a movement parallel to Fi formed by non-politicians who have done well in their respective sectors, capable of attracting the consent of at least 7 million Italians who profess themselves to be moderate but who, disgusted by this policy, desert the polls.

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It is only by chance that the investiture arrives on the day of the drama of submerged Venice. Brugnaro and Berlusconi often see each other in Arcore, they are esteemed, liked, Francesco Cramer writes. And it could not be otherwise because the mayor is a self-made entrepreneur. He founded Umana, an agency that finds work, and in ten years he turns it into a holding company with a turnover of 600 million euros with 126 branches in 13 regions and 700 employees. How the Knight loves sports and how the Knight brought a club to the top. Buy the Reyer, noble basketball team, and win the 2016/2017 championship, the first in the post-war period.

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