Silvio Berlusconi: "The Conte government does not last. Let us prepare for the early vote". Then dinner with Mara Carfagna


The Giallorossi government is already at terminus and political elections are now close. It is the belief that emerged in a summit of Forza Italia to Arcore chaired by Silvio Berlusconi. At Villa San Martino a meeting of the national blue coordination was held, formed by the Cavaliere, by the vice president Antonio Tajani, by the leaders of the Chamber and Senate, Anna Maria Bernini is Maria Stella Gelmini, and by the deputy Sestino Giacomoni. The summit discussed a calendar of events and debates that will be organized in the area during the winter, also in view of the upcoming elections in Emilia Romagna. The bureau of Fi also served to take stock of the collection of signatures just launched and aimed at having a maximum tax ceiling included in the Constitution. New gazebos will be organized in all Italian squares.

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As for the internal tensions in the party, Berlusconi was clear: now is the time for unity, any alternative to Fi, as we have seen, has no political perspective. The horizon is that of the united center right. According to the former premier, there is no risk that party leaders will be attracted by Renzian sirens, also because if you vote soon, Italy Viva he will not have the time to organize himself and present himself in the elections as a competitive formation. Equally, the Cav added, there is no need to fear any action by the League. So at the summit the unity and unity of the party were reaffirmed at all levels, starting with the leadership and parliamentary groups.

In the evening at Arcore Silvio saw a Mara Carfagna dinner. The Century of Italy reveals it. To confirm that Berlusconi is working, with Gianni Letta, to return all forms of internal dissent. There is no political space outside Fi in the center-right, Cav said, then if one wants to go to the left it is another thing. But I don't think any of us can be so stupid.

of Salvatore Dama

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