she was half-naked and with a head wound


The lifeless body a woman was found in the bed of river Cosa, in the municipality of Alatri. The partially dressed woman presented one wound above the eyebrow arch left. The young woman, about thirty years old, had no documents and this made recognition operations more complicated. The investigations of the carabinieri of the provincial command focused on a woman whose disappearance had been reported in the morning. Own the description provided by the family made it possible to understand who it was. The victim was therefore identified as Michela Rezza di Alatri.

Woman disappeared in Alatri found lifeless: investigate the carabinieri

The tragic discovery was made around 16 today, Thursday 7 November. The body was, according to what reported by the local media, hidden behind a bush in the district of Sant'Emidio, near the parish church. On the spot arrived the 118 vehicles, the fire brigade and the carabinieri, in addition to the public prosecutor Vittorio Misiti, of the prosecutor's office of Frosinone. The autopsy will now be performed at the ‘Fabrizio Spaziani’ hospital in Frosinone, to provide additional information to understand the causes of the young woman's death. The military investigate to reconstruct his last hours of life. It remains to understand where it was and who it met in the hours following the disappearance.

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