Sharp weather MALTEMPO and SNOW, and again in the WEEKEND. Here's where


immagine 1 weather article with acute bad weather and snow, and here again in the weekend

Weather evolution: there is no respite on the meteorological front. The absence of a high-pressure area in the Mediterranean able to guarantee a bit of tranquility keeps the road totally open to Atlantic interference.

The perturbations now follow each other on a regular basis, but still penalizing the same areas as the Northeast, Sardinia and the whole Tyrrhenian side.

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Unfortunately the news for the next 2-3 days is not the best. Indeed, especially today, many regions of the country will once again be under the siege of bad weather, which, although in a less extensive form, will also affect the now upcoming WEEKEND.

But let's go with order and see how the weather situation will evolve from today and throughout the weekend.

Weather for the next week will start REALLY BAD

As said, today's one will be the worst day in these three days. So much rain and some storms will hit the central eastern area of ​​the North, the Ligurian Levant, the northern coasts of Tuscany. Rains, however, will also fall on the rest of the North and on Sardinia.

As the hours go by, the most intense precipitation will concentrate on the Northeast, Tuscany and Lazio. Showers scattered over the rest of the Center with the exception of the Adriatic coasts.

Meteo ITALY: the AUTUMN seen from the jet stream

Also noteworthy is the snow that can fall on the alpine reliefs, especially the dolomitic ones, at altitudes close to 1300-1600 meters and locally lower towards the evening.

Between the evening and the night, the bad weather will start to lose energy but at the same time the precipitations will reach also the Campania, the Calabria and the north of Sicily, to then extend also to the rest of the South.

Meteo Italy: until when it will rain? The maps

It will be precisely the southern regions, and again the Tyrrhenian band to spend a Saturday under the clouds and scattered rains.

Instead it will go better in the North except for some rain in Emilia Romagna and on the Friuli coasts.

Northern Italy weather: from drought to OVERFLOWING

Attention also to the strong Libeccio winds that will sweep up most of the Tyrrhenian area with impetuous gusts while, on the opposite Adriatic side, they will reinforce the Scirocco currents.

Sunday could instead be the most forgiving day on the rainy side even though we will have widespread variability across the country capable of producing some rainfall close to the lower Tyrrhenian.

VIOLENT EARTHQUAKE on Central Italy in the Aquila area, warned up to Rome

But this relative respite from the rains will be short-lived. Already during the afternoon, a new disturbance will arrive in the Northwest and Sardinia where new precipitations will fall again by evening.

We remind you that weather forecasts with a validity of up to 5 days are more reliable, while this decreases as we move away over time.

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