Shares on sale to be sold at Piazza Affari


The Ftse Mib Future is on the highs of the year but some stocks do not celebrate the bullish movement indeed they continue to fall.

Why do actions rise and fall?

The prices essentially move for three reasons:

a) usually the shares move between the area of ​​undervaluation and overvaluation with respect to the normalized profits of the last 4 years of the budget;

b) move for graphic reasons.

c) may be moved for reasons unrelated to the company but in line with exogenous events or by decisions of the meeting, for example capital increases, buybacks, etc.

Without this preamble we are going to analyze shares in decline to be sold at Piazza Affari.

the Salini Impregilo stock (SAL) which is positive compared to the opening of the year 2019 but in recent months continues to fall.

The stock closed the trading week at 1.684 with a daily fall of 3.33%.

Since the beginning of the year the minimum has been set at 1.365 and the maximum at 2.368.

Salini Impregilo among the shares in decline to be sold at Piazza Affari

What affects stock prices?

In recent days the company announced a capital increase of 600 million at a price of 1.50 reserved for institutional investors through the bookbuilding procedure. Among the participants was also Leonardo Del Vecchio, executive president of EssilorLuxottica.

The capital increase is intended to complete the acquisition of Astaldi and to support Progetto Italia for the major works and constructions of the three-year period 2019/2021.

The analysts' recommendations estimate a fair value between 1.60 and 2.20, therefore at current levels the share prices are in line with expected and past balance sheet profits.

From a graphic point of view, the annual trend is at serious risk. In fact the weekly, monthly and quarterly trend is firmly bearish and jointly project with a high probability a further imminent descent.

Therefore, it is a stock certificate not to be bought but rather it is better to stay away from it at the moment. The first objective is set at 1.504 and when exceeded and kept at 1.30 ca. New increases only with a weekly closing higher than 1.855.

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