Sex, hard video of the football player at the disco: the club suspends him


Sex in the bathroom of one dance club with a girl. All taken illegally with a mobile phone and ended up somehow up Whatsapp: a video that quickly became viral. The professional footballer Matteo Voltolini, 23, second goalkeeper of the Reggiana in Serie C, he ended up despite himself in the storm for a night at the disco after the last game in which he would have sex with a beautiful girl in a dance hall of Reggio Emilia. The sex video soon became viral through the chats of Whatsapp and his club has decided to suspend him from sports activities as a precaution.

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The video would have been taken by someone entering the next bathroom and, taking advantage of the opening on the top of the dividing panel, he filmed the two boys in intimate attitudes. It is said that the two young people would not have noticed anything and are "victims" unaware of everything.
Voltolini in the past he has always played in Serie C with Pisa, Fano and Triestina and for one season also in the Inveruno in Serie D. Reggiana is currently engaged in Group B of the C series and is in the upper areas of the standings, fighting for promotion in series B. Voltolini has only played the opening game this season, then he has always remained on the bench. Now this unpleasant episode that sees him as the protagonist and the temporary suspension by the Emilian club.

"The company, awaiting to understand the events of the post-game on Sunday 17 November, communicates the suspension of the sports activity of the Matteo Voltolini member for a week as a precaution."

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