Serie B Women: Basket Costa, great victory in full emergency in Brescia


The victories of character always give confidence, but that obtained in Brescia from Basketball Coast, in full emergency and with only six effective ones to report, it is to circle with the red pencil. A first difficult fraction, with Brixia which finds the basket continuously, even from the arc of the three points, led by a super Zanardi: from the second quarter onwards (with a brief exception in the third quarter), however, the music changes and the monologue is written by the red and white panterine. From the 10 ′ to the 20 ′ 29-12 break which allows you to fly on the +12 at the interval, 40-52, but above all other part in the last quarter (22-8), which brings a victory as clear as it is important , despite the fact that in the final minutes only five are played, given that Spinelli ends up out for fouls. With these two points, Basket Costa reaches Giussano in third place, at 14.

The interviews

Here are the statements of a satisfied coach Pierangelo Rossi at the end of the match: "A victory that was anything but obvious, especially because there were six of us. In the first quarter and part of the third we left something in defense, but in the rest of the match we played a lady game, with decent percentages and, in particular, excellent offensive choices. I am happy with the response the girls gave, because after the first quarter they were able to take the measures and, in some moments, they really played a great basketball. We will have to improve in terms of competitive nastiness, but for the rest we are really doing a great job, which emerges both from the percentages and from the ability to read situations: we pass the ball well, we often find open and free shots, we are really happy".


Brixia Brescia – Basket Costa 65-84
Partials: (28-23; 40-52; 57-62)

Basketball Coast: Colognesi 15, Frustaci 16, Toffali 14, Spinelli 14, Allevi ne, Allievi 15, Balossi ne, Celli ne, N'Guessan 10. All: Rossi

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