Serie B – Alba wins in Alessandria


Olimpo Basket Alba returns from the Pala Cima in Alessandria with two precious and sweaty points, in an evening that saw the Langa rotations reduced to the bone. In the face of a combative Fortitudo, the red and white find new energy and lead to an important and far from obvious success.

The match
At Pala Cima in Alessandria Olimpo Basket Alba dispute their last Piedmontese derby of the first round, against the hosts of Sandara Fortitudo. Both teams come from a defeat gained undergoing a basket at the end and are determined tonight to write a different ending.
Coach Vandoni ranks Pavone, Lemmi, Serafini, Gay and Sperduto in the quintet, while coach Jacomuzzi Danna, Tarditi, Antonietti, Terenzi and Rossi. Among the ranks of the Langhe there is still a shortage of injured players, and it will not be an indifferent detail in the match economy.
Rossi inaugurates the evening with the basket of 0-3 and Alba immediately tries to stretch. Alexandria, however, remains in the wake thanks to the triples leaving the blocks of Sperduto and Gay: 10-14. Sperduto still marks from the perimeter for -2 (15-17), but Giorgi realizes a rebound in attack and then Antonietti follows him for 15-24. He thinks once again Lost in limiting the damage, with four free throws that set the score at 21-24 to the tenth.
Coulter in penetration opens the second fraction (21-26), but commits its third foul too soon. Antonietti uses a mismatch back to the basket and brings the Langhe to the new +9 (25-34). Also this time Fortitudo instantly sews (32-34), while the match is always more angular with dirty contacts and great intensity. Olimpo Basket restarts to look for the third draw and with Terenzi and Tarditi he finds again the +9 at the long break: 39-48.
After returning from the locker rooms the rotations provided by coach Jacomuzzi are soon shattered, as Terenzi and Antonietti commit the third personal foul, Rossi and Coltro the fourth. Sperduto and Serafini meanwhile take advantage of it and climb up the slope (54-55). The inertia is all fortitude, but Antonietti with a three-point play prevents overtaking (54-58). Basket from here and basket from there, the impression is that the balance can break from one moment to another, Sperduto gains three free throws and is new -1 (63-64). Alba tries to resist you with the remaining energy and Terenzi on the siren of the third stage hits from 6.75 m for 63-69.
Antonietti's fourth foul is yet another Langarola tile of the evening; everyone is needed and De Bartolomeo is ready to assist Giorgi for 62-71. Gay responds from the arc, but Terenzi with five points reopens the gap: 69-79. Here is Rossi's fifth foul and the Albanian emergency becomes obvious. Danna and Terenzi, however, do not want to let the match slip off their hands and it is 71-83! Giorgi is precious as a rebound and on the 71-85 the segment of the large public of Langhe rises. Lemmi is not there and finds the -9 one minute from the end, De Bartolomeo however steals the ball and puts the seal on the counterattack: 77-89. There is still time for a last basket of Lemmi, but the success is all Albanian for 79-89!
The Olimpo Basket Alba thus finds a smile and can forget the mockery of Palermo. After these two trips, Sunday we return to Pala 958 (18:00 against Montecatini) and it will be fundamental to win before the rest and a month of December that will be on fire.

Fortitudo Alessandria Sandara – Olimpo Basket Alba 82-89 (21-24, 18-24, 24-21, 19-20)
Fortitudo Alessandria Sandara: Alberto Serafini 28 (5/9, 3/5), Dario Gay 14 (2/3, 3/5), Michael Lemmi 13 (4/7, 0/3), Alessandro Sperduto 13 (2/5 , 2/4), Alfonso Zampogna 8 (3/6, 0/3), Maurizio Pavone 4 (0/1, 0/0), Lorenzo Bellachioma 2 (1/1, 0/2), Alessandro Paoli 0 (0 / 1, 0/0), Riccardo Riva 0 (0/0, 0/0), Ezio Gallizzi 0 (0/0, 0/0), Armando Buldo 0 (0/0, 0/0), Vittorio Grossholz 0 (0/0, 0/0)
Free throws: 24/32 – Rebounds: 27 8 + 19 (Alberto Serafini 9) – Assist: 14 (Dario Gay 5)
Olimpo Basket Alba: Diego Terenzi 24 (6/11, 2/5), Luca Antonietti 21 (7/7, 2/4), Andrea Danna 17 (5/7, 1/2), Gianluca Giorgi 8 (4/6 , 0/1), Tommaso Rossi 6 (0/1, 1/3), Mattia Coltro 6 (2/2, 0/1), Cristian De bartolomeo 6 (1/2, 1/2), Emanuele Tarditi 1 ( 0/1, 0/2), Alberto Ielmini 0 (0/0, 0/0), Danilo Tagliano 0 (0/0, 0/0)
Free throws: 18/24 – Rebounds: 28 8 + 20 (Diego Terenzi 8) – Assist:

SOURCE: Olimpo Basket Alba Press Office

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