Serie A, the MOVIOLA: penalties for Lazio and Lecce, the Var cancels Lapadula network. Red Malinovskyi, Ferrari risks big | First page


The 12th round of continues A league with five other matches scheduled for this Sunday, waiting for the postponement between Juventus and Milan: following the episodes from moviola of the day.h. 12.30 CAGLIARI-FIORENTINA – La Penna (Bresmes-Fiore, IV Giua, VAR Doveri, AVAR Giallatini)

77 '- Sottil falls in the area after an alleged contact with Cigarini, La Penna warns for simulation the Fiorentina striker: correct decision.

42 '- Pulgar warned for a foul on Simeone: even the Chilean was warned and will miss Verona-Fiorentina.

21 '- Yellow card to Castrovilli for a foul on Simeone: he was warned, he will miss the next challenge with Verona.

16 '- Cagliari ahead with Rog: doubts about the Croatian's starting position, but the VAR confirms the goodness of the goal.

h. 15:00

LAZIO-LECCE – Manganiello (Longo-Manganelli, IV Massimi, VAR Pairetto, AVAR Di Iorio)

76 '- Penalty for Lazio: Calderoni clearly touches the ball controlled by Milinkovic with his arm, Manganiello has no doubts and correctly assigns the penalty for the biancocelesti.

67 '- Lapadula reiterates Strakosha's penalty on the net, but Lecce's joy is short-lived: the VAR cancels the striker's goal, guilty of already being in the area, like several Lazio players, at the time of the penalty call by part of Babacar.

65 '- Penalty for Lecce: Mancosu falls in the area after contact with Milinkovic, Manganiello grants the penalty and the VAR does not reach the contrary. Protests of Lazio.

SAMPDORIA-ATALANTA – Irrati (De Meo-Prenna, IV Pezzuto, VAR Di Paolo, AVAR Tegoni)

74 '- Atalanta in ten: already warned, Malinovskyi remedies the second yellow card and is sent off.

72 '- Arbitral episode doubtful, with the blucerchiato defender Alex Ferrari who stopped a restart of Musa Barrow holding back the Nerazzurri striker's jersey, then fell to the ground. Bergamo wanted red for the clear scoring opportunity, Irrati draws yellow.

40 '- Contratto Muriel-Audero on the edge of the Sampdoria area, after a rebound the ball slams on Audero's hand: all regular for the referee, the VAR confirms Irrati's decision.

UDINESE-SPAL – Massa (Paganessi-Santoro, IV Ayroldi, VAR Abisso, AVAR Passeri)

90 + 6 '- Penalty for Spal: hand touch of Sema in contrast with Sala, after revision to VAR Massa grants the penalty in time expired.

84 – Cionek, who has been warned and warned, will miss Genoa.

80 '- Yellow for Tomovic: he was warned, he will miss the next Spal match against Genoa.

47 '- Becao warned: he was warned, he will miss Sampdoria-Udinese.

18 '- Mandragora asks for a penalty for contact in the area with Cionek, Massa lets correctly continue and does not assign the penalty.

10 '- Udinese's advantage has been canceled: Nestorovski brings the leading Friulans ahead, the linesman stops everything for offside and the VAR confirms the decision.

h. 18.00 PARMA-ROME – Fabbri (Tolfo-Di Vuolo, IV Ghersini, VAR Banti, AVAR Alassio)

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