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After the mockery in Europe, the Rome also falls in the league. At Tardini the men of Fonseca lost 2-0 against Parma and back in the standings, finishing in sixth place. In the first half tactical and balanced race, with the most dangerous ducal. In the second half a punishment of Kolarov prints on the pole is Sepe save the result on the tap-in di Shepherd, then Sprocati (68 ') e Cornelius (93 ') decide the match.


Tardini bitter for Rome. After the European hardships, the band of Fonseca also falls in Parma and gives third place to Lazio, moving back in the standings. A bad stop for the Giallorossi, appeared tired, messy and with few ideas. And now also outside the Champions area. The fault of a tour de force that, with the team still in emergency, begins to show some signs of abating on the level of physical and mental estate. Problems that Parma's most brilliant condition highlighted in terms of performance and results. At Tardini the gialloblu have in fact shown a concrete proof from all points of view, making the most of the qualities of a team built to hurt on the counterattack and annoy everyone. Big included.

In Parma the first half is a chess game, with a precise tactical scheme and few variations on the theme. With Florenzi still on the bench, Spinazzola on the right and a Trequartista pastor, Roma starts trotting, focusing on possession and maneuvering on the outside. With Gervinho and Kulusevski in support of Cornelius, the hosts instead focus everything on Kucka's incursions and restarts. Attentive in the closures and precise in the supports, the Giallorossi control the traffic in the median with Veretout and Mancini and push maneuvering with order. In tandem with Spinazzola and Pastore, Zaniolo tries to make the difference on the right, but does not break through. Fazio misses the big-headed target on the development of a free-kick, then it is Parma that grows and looks out from Pau Lopez's side. Served by Gagliolo, Gervinho has two chances to hit but misses his target, then Cornelius grazes the lead with a poisonous right foot. Opportunities that interrupt the Giallorossi possession and keep the match alive. At a good pace, Fonseca's team persistently looks for the outsiders, but slams against the Gialloblu defense, conceding a counterattack field and Parma's verticalisation instead. Cornelius misses everything in the area after a beautiful invention by Kulusevski, then at the end of the first half Gagliolo and Sprocati test the reflections of Pau Lopez.

In search of dynamism and solutions, in the second half Fonseca passes to 4-1-3-2 with Mancini in front of the defense and Kluivert in attack with Dzeko. But it is on set pieces that the Giallorossi are more dangerous. Kolarov hits the post on a free kick, then Sepe overcomes Pastor's tapin. Two flashes that open the spaces and inflame the race. With long teams and fewer tactics, the game turns into a tight response. With Veretout everywhere, on the one hand Pastore tries to break the balance, but it is the hosts who strike with Sprocati, good at turning a perfect assist by Gagliolo. Goal that freezes the Roma and gives courage to Parma, immediately close to doubling with Cornelius and Kulusevski. Zaniolo and Under try to react, but Sepe is attentive and does not pass. Hunting for the same, in the final the Giallorossi then go all-in and attack with their heads down. But it is still the band of D'Aversa, after an attempt by Kulusevski, to sink the blow again with Cornelius, good at freezing Pau Lopez on the counterattack and closing the accounts. Al Tardini is a great party for Parma. For Roma instead it is a heavy defeat for the ranking.


Spolati 6.5: enter Gervinho's place and give strength to the attack. Sign the goal that unlocks the race with a winning and lucky paw
Cornelius 7: D'Aversa places it at the mark and in this sense the performance is good. When it's time to fight and pick up the team it's perfect, when you need to play up until something is still missing. He puts his signature on the race in recovery
Gagliolo 6.5: from its first part it holds low Spinazzola, then Santon, attacking the depth with continuity. The most important chances of Parma come from his incursions. Including the assist for Sprocati
Sepe 7: Pastore's tap-in parade after Kolarov's post saves the result and keeps Parma afloat. Careful and precise even on Under and on other occasions
Smalling 6.5: physical and sense of position. Precise and tidy when closing, always ready to start the maneuver from behind. Precious resource on high balls
Zaniolo 6: tries to assert the physical, but fails to break through. More dangerous when acting away from the Parma area. He is the only one to try until the end
Dzeko 5: slow and uninspired. European labors weigh on physical and mental performance. Try to make the bank and retreat, but little moves and the front Rome does not sting
Santon 5: enters Spinazzola's place after 25 ', but fails to find the right position either to push, or to defend. On his side Gagliolo has an easy life and even his companions take him back


Parma (4-3-3): Sepe 7; Darmian 6, Iacoponi 6.5, Dermaku 6.5, Gagliolo 6.5 (38 'st Bruno Alves sv); Kucka 6.5, Scozzarella 6 (26 'st Barilla 6), Hernani 6; Kulusevski 6.5, Cornelius 7, Gervinho 6 (45 'Sprocati 6.5).
To disp .: Colombi, Alastra, Brugman, Laurini, Camara, Adorante, Pezzella. All .: D'Aversa 6.5
Rome (4-2-3-1): Pau Lopez 6, Spinazzola 5.5 (26 'Santon 5), Smalling 6.5, Fazio 5.5, Kolarov 6; Veretout 6.5, Mancini 5.5; Zaniolo 6, Pastore 5.5 (20 'st Under 6), Kluivert 6, Dzeko 5.
To disp .: Fuzato, Mirante, Juan Jesus, Perotti, Florenzi, Diawara, Antonucci, Calafiori. All .: Fonseca 5
Referee: Locksmiths
Scorers: 23 'st Sprocati (P), 48' st Cornelius (P)
Booked: Scozzarella, Barilla, Hernani (P); Zaniolo, Kluivert (R)


• Parma have won four of their last five Serie A home games, in the previous seven they had just achieved success.
• Roma interrupted a series of nine consecutive away games without defeat in Serie A; the last external race lost in the competition before this was against SPAL, 1-2 with Ranieri on the bench.
• With Mattia Sprocati's goal, there are five Parma goals by players who have taken over this Serie A, less than Atalanta (six).
• Andreas Cornelius scored five goals in eight Serie A appearances for Parma; he had scored six in 43 league appearances between Bordeaux and Atalanta.
• Parma were not successful against Roma in Serie A since October 2012 – 3-2 on that occasion.
• There are 17 points in Parma's standings in this Serie A, exactly the same as in the last league after the first 12 days.
• Roma lost two races in a row in all competitions for the first time under Fonseca management.
• In each of the two Roma defeats in this Serie A, the Giallorossi conceded a 90th goal.
• Both goals from Mattia Sprocati in Serie A came against teams from the capital (the first against Lazio, last April), on both occasions as substitutes.
• Andreas Cornelius scored in each of the two Serie A matches against Roma.
• Aleksandar Kolarov is the sixth different player of Roma to have hit a wood in this Serie A (seven overall for the Giallorossi).
• 50th consecutive race for Simone Iacoponi in Serie A: he is the only player on the pitch in all the races since the beginning of last season.

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