Serie A Female, Inter-Orobica 2-0


SOLBIATE ARNO– Important victory for Inter against Orobica 2-0, at the "Chinetti" Stadium in Solbiate Arno. For the Nerazzurri goals, Regina Baresi and Irene Santi.

Inter started the attack with Brustia who, from distance, came close to the crossbar at 12 '. Still Nerazzurri forward with the filtering pass of Marinelli, but Tarenzi fails to send on the net. The Nerazzurre are still dangerous in front of goal, with Merlo trying to surprise the goalkeeper from distance, but the ball ends just wide.

The second half opens immediately with a beautiful choral action that ends with Alborghetti, in the area, which touches the pole. Inter are able to unlock the result on penalty: Regina Baresi does not forgive from eleven meters. At 19 'the new entry, Irene Santi, signed the right 2-0 in the area, after a melee action. Inter still dangerous on the 33 'with Tarenzi, who starts off speed from the left, but fails to realize under the goal. Great play of Norton at the end that, from distance, touches the crossing of the poles.


Markers: 8'st Baresi, 19'st Santi

INTER: 31 Marchitelli; 13 Merlo, 17 Debever, 23 Auvinen, 21 Fracaros; 7 Marinelli (37'st Norton 20), 18 Pandini, 19 Alborghetti, 8 Brustia (19'st Santi 22); 27 Tarenzi, 9 Baresi (23'st Van Kerkhoven 12).
Available: 1 April, 2 Quazzico, 3 D'Adda, 5 Capucci, 14 Colombo, 16 Goldoni.
Coach: Attilio Sorbi

OROBICA: 1 Lonni, 5 Milesi (20'st Silvakova 13), 9 Vavassori (29'st Barcella 10), 12 Zanoli, 14 Foti, 18 Merli, 21 Brasi, 22 Merli, 23 Poeta, 29 Visani, 99 Cortesi (10 ') st Mandelli 20).
Available: 8 Salvi, 17 Segalini, 27 Parsani, 28 Czeczka, 32 Pinna, 82 Pilate.
Coach: Marianna Marini

Referee: Casalini (Pontedera section)

Recovery: 0 ', 4'

Ammonite: 26 'Visani, 39' Zanoli

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