Sergio Mattarella, the grandmother who insulted him risks prison: his desperate interrogation


Among those who could end up in trial for the irreparable insults against Sergio Mattarella there is also the lady Elvira Zanrosso, retired 68-year-old resident of Bologna. Those were the days of the formation of the M5s-Lega government, to be precise the moment was when the Head of State refused the name of Paolo Savona as Minister of Economy. And the lady, furious, vented with a regrettable post on Facebook: "Your brother killed you, caz *** … isn't that enough?". Post that cost her an investigation for various crimes: not only offense to the honor and prestige of the President of the Republic, but also attack on freedom and incitement to commit a crime. Theoretically, the lady could end up in jail with a maximum sentence of 15 years. Along with her, incidentally, there are nine other suspects.

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And he gives an account of the questioning of Signora Zanrosso Republic: it would be the only one that, to date, has had the courage to apologize to the tenant of the Hill and confess what has been done, without bringing up alleged hacker attacks and similar bales. The lady, in tears in front of the pm Gery Ferrara who asked her for her gestures, she would have said: "I beg you, you must help me apologize to President Mattarella. Tell me how I do it, I get down on my knees. Why did I do it? It was a very hot period – the pensioner remarked – in which the spirits were overheated by some Five Star MPs of which I was sympathetic. I left myself foolishly infected by these facts. I – he concluded, apparently desperate – that I am a mother, a grandmother, a lover of painting and animals ". In short, that of Signora Zanrosso would be sincere repentance. A repentance thanks to which he could get by without going to his cell.

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