Sergio Mattarella, Ilva bomb on the government. Background: ultimatum to the premier, either resolved or voted


First to Montecitorio, then to Palazzo Madama. It is in the two statements that the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, makes in Parliament "on the situation of the Ilva company in Taranto" that the government certifies its impotence in the face of ArcelorMittal's announcement of escape. The minister of the grill, followed closely by his political leader, Luigi Di Maio, broke the delay and appealed to the opposition: "We need an act of responsibility of all political forces. From mine (the M5S, ed) to the last opposition force. It is a matter of national interest and sovereignty. Let's not let ourselves be taken for a nose by a company ". It is the public admission of what has been known for days: to approve any measures containing the measures to convince ArcelorMittal to backtrack with respect to escape intentions, the votes of the yellow and red majority are not enough, given the chasm that opened between the pentastellati.

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Hence the motion of affections to the address of the "sovranisti", those references to national pride. "In other countries, when we face crises that seriously jeopardize the economy of a whole country, we respond in a united and unified way, not accusing each other", insists Patuanelli. The grillino minister brings up not only the center-right, but the entire "country system: the Parliament, the unions, the social forces". Those unions to which the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, in the afternoon proposes the establishment of a "permanent table" on Ilva. "The problem is serious: preserving the steel industry is strategic for the country," says the prime minister.

Quirinale in pressing – Already a Count. In confirmation of what the majority and the executive are dancing about the fate of the steelworks, in the morning the news of a conversation at the Quirinale between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, filters. Object of the face to face: what is happening in Taranto, with a look at the papers in the hands of Palazzo Chigi to resolve the crisis. Faced with Conte, Mattarella made a big voice.
In the soft language of the sources of quirinality, the reconstruction of a "concerned" head of state is supported not only by the fate of the iron and steel pole, but also by other corporate crises (Alitalia, Whirlpool).
To the premier, Mattarella has delivered a message as simple as it is ultimative: to work to resolve disputes rapidly, given that employment is a "relevant" problem for the "country system". Translation: woe to open a crisis on this front, which would become a problem for Italy. Such as to overwhelm, therefore, the executive.
Words whose addressees, through Conte, are the parliamentary groups of the M5S, populated by diehards who support the closure of the plant.

Baggage between banks – The trouble, for the ex "lawyer of the people", is that the missions – to make the grillini think and to soften the attitude of the oppositions – seem impossible. At Montecitorio, at the end of the fiery intervention of the leader of the League, Riccardo Molinari, the deputies of the Carroccio exhibit three banners. Eloquent the message: "At home you, not the workers". Written removed after the intervention of the president of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, but whose exposure was accompanied by the chorus «elections! Elections. " Clear the message: the possible help on Ilva presupposes the resignation of the executive. "The government ends politically today," says Molinari.
In the majority, nervousness is palpable. I am a spy is the words of Graziano Delrio, leader of the Democratic Party in the House – "Taranto is the future of this government. This government must play everything on Taranto »- both those that Di Maio entrusts to Facebook in a last, desperate attempt to involve the opposition in the game:« In these days we will have to respect the sovereignty of the State. And the waiters of the multinationals disguised as sovereigns cannot do it ».
The poison of the Foreign Minister towards the Northern League – accused, for having proposed to reintroduce immediately the criminal immunity in favor of ArcelorMittal, of "unconditional surrender" to the Indian group ("in a short while they also bring him the lemon zest ») – betrays the feeling of helplessness that winds in the majority.
"We must force the company to negotiate," said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti. Conte, host of Porta a Porta, keeps every option open. "We are already evaluating all possible alternatives."
At the top there is that of nationalization through the intervention of Cdp. If ArcelorMittal leaves Ilva, the prime minister confides to social partners and local authorities during the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, "the first step will be the commissioner management at Mise". Without forgetting the legal battle: "It would be the battle of the century".

by Tommaso Montesano

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