Serena Grandi, thieves at home: even steal Dad's ashes. "We need the bulldozer, Salvini is right"


"We need the bulldozer. Salvini is right. I want to meet him ": Serena Grandi she is furious. The thieves, last night, robbed his home in Rimini by smashing through an armored door. "When I got home I found everything a mess. They have stole even my father's ashes and my mother, whom I jealously guard at home ", says Grandi (who will be back on TV on Monday night as guest of the Live – It is not the d 'Urso in the talk segment, according to the latest rumors that leaked from Cologno Monzese).

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Now the actress – according to what she reported to Free – would be caressing the idea of move to Milan, definitively leaving its Rimini. "The thieves at home shocked me. Need security. Matteo is right ", concludes the actress.

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