Sepe: "Underworld like rats, they have houses with gold taps but are forced to live in the sewers"


"They will also have houses with gold taps but they are like i mice, are forced to live in the sewers for fear, if all goes well to do a good number of years in prisons. And when it's not good they find themselves at the cemetery ». The said it cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, metropolitan archbishop of Naples, during the homily for the day of the deceased, speaking of criminals. "Whoever puts his life at the disposal of evil and violence, of hatred and resentment – he said – makes his life an emblem of that evil which he tries to continually overcome, hell is already living now". "Because these criminal organizations, these Camorristi, these mobsters – he added – live hell".

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Referring then to unauthorized parking attendants who attacked the regional council Francesco Borrelli, Sepe added: "These are people who have lost the use of reason and who continue to live in a moral vacuum. We hope they repent soon. They are crazy chips that live in a moral and spiritual void. Poor people, I hope they still have a lot of conscience to be able to go back and recover their human and social dignity ".

"We have a mission: we must not close ourselves, but open ourselves to the most needy, to those who have more needs – said Sepe – when we can do something for human, civil and religious growth for the other – he said – then we are happy. The good you are doing will never be lost: our task is to live well and fight evil. The memory of our relatives, our loved ones, becomes a requirement of the heart. This relationship that unites us because death is not the last resort, death is a door that can lead to a life that has no end, there is always a link with all of us. It also becomes a strongly spiritual bond. We need to pause to reflect and understand the lives of those who preceded us and the many good examples we need to try to improve our lives ».

This morning there were no difficulties outside cemetery of Poggioreale. The circulation, even if diverted on via Santa Maria del Pianto, did not make the flow of pedestrians problematic who had to deal with the usual inconveniences within the sepulchral areas. But things didn't get any better elsewhere. TO Fuorigrotta, for example, hundreds of people found the lights off on the graves of loved ones. Problem that even now – almost a year after the service interruption – sends users on a rampage.

"We have never seen a cemetery like this. Last January we came to pay for the lighting service but shortly after they stopped it. It is bad to walk among the tombstones in the dark. We cannot remain in these conditions. We must intervene immediately because it is an outrage to the memory of our loved ones ». Last updated: 16:48 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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