Segre under escort, is now tempted by the no to the commission


MILAN. Liliana Segre is tried, pained, tired. Marked by the insults and threats that prompted the Prefecture of Milan to assign it the escort. A protection against haters for a woman who has already known the horrors of the Nazi camps. "Perhaps it is too much," the senator said to those next to her, not hiding the temptation to abandon the leadership of the newly formed commission against anti-Semitism, racism, hatred and violence. But the family members, the senator's assistant for life in these hours are trying to persuade her that one cannot do without the symbolic value of her presence. That this step back would mean giving it life to others, to the haters. Also in Parliament, in the majority, a wall begins to stand up to defend La Segre: yesterday there was talk of the senator's doubts in a meeting of the leaders of the Senate coalition government. And the concern was unanimous. Davide Faraone, leader of Italia Viva, makes an appeal: "Salvini has committed a very serious error in dividing the Parliament. This time the whole politics is united in asking Segre not to give up. It would be a reverse for democracy".But the climate remains tense, inside and above all outside the Palace. The hatred did not stop, if anything it grew after the Senate approval of the commission chaired by Segre, with the outline of the abstention en bloc of the right, which in Lombardy has even become opposition to the creation of a similar body. Thus the Committee for Order and Security under the coordination of the Milanese prefect Renato Saccone and at the instigation of the Ministry of the Interior opted to accelerate the protection of the senator. A bland level of escort, a car and two carabinieri. Yesterday the Milanese saw the senator, flanked by the men of the weapon, go to the Scala. "I just want to watch the exhibition, I don't release any statement," he said at the press preview of the exhibition "In the stage of the Scala – Stories of Milan" at the theater museum before being accompanied to visit by Pierluigi Pizzi, the director and choreographer who he took care of the setting up.
But, paradoxically, the news of the protection for the Segre has animated even more the "keyboard lions": on the social media the insults have had another surge. "It is a shame for Italy that an 89-year-old Shoah survivor is attacked in this way," reports Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem. "But all the leaders of our community are escorted: the country has failed," says Rome vice president Ruben Della Rocca. Matteo Salvini, yesterday, first downplayed the news of the escort for Segre: "I too receive threats". Except then correct in the afternoon: "The senator has all my closeness: to call oneself antisemitic is a shelter". The Northern League, their position, but they reiterate: the mayor of Pescara, Carlo Masci, says no to the honorary citizenship of Segre: "Ties with the city are missing".

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