Segre, Salvini: "Solid, but surreal that there are death threats series A and B". Then he gets angry with the Anpi


"Maximum support and solidarity a Liliana Segre"But" it is surreal that there are death threats of series A and B, as if writing on a wall "Salvini crepa" was a pastime by left-wing democrats ". He said so Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League, meeting the press in Florence. "I don't minimize anything," he said. According to Salvini "every escort in Italy, and there are 300 stocks, are 300 defeats of the State, from the anti-mafia judge to the parish priest, from Liliana Segre to Matteo Salvini. Today the inventory system is a defeat, because threats and hatred should not exist ”. Segre, added the secretary of the League, "I hope alive as soon as possible" because living under guard "is not comfortable".

Salvini then concluded: "On Sunday I will be in Romagna, I saw that Anpi does not like my presence", but "we are in a democracy" and therefore "if Salvini considers going to the fair of San Martino in Santarcangelo di Romagna it is his right, like any other citizen, if we are in a democracy ”.


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