Segre: "Escort? I never thought I had it". Then he meets Salvini. Mattarella: "Your case is a sign that hatred and intolerance are concrete"


"There solidarity" such as antithesis to hatred. The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella refers to "coexistence" and "sense of responsibility" as a means to "oppose" "intolerance" is "contraposition", Which are not abstract concepts but facts"concrete". The head of the state shows it, two episodes on the newspapers of the last days. "If someone comes in a." bus telling a seven-year-old girl "don't sit next to me because you have different colored skin"; if it is necessary "assign one buffer stock "To a lady elderly that he never hurt anyone, but that evil suffered him as a child like Liliana Segre, means "that questions relating to the differences betweenindifference, solidarity, Help mutual "on one side and"intolerance is contraposition" on the other they are not "rhetorical and abstract but extremely concrete alternatives". The thought goes to those 200 messages of hatred that come daily to the senator with a surviving life to the extermination camp of Auschwitz and that combined with other threats have pushed the prefect of Milan Renato Saccone to Arrange the escort.

On the case that sees her in spite of herself, Segre breaks the silence in which she was armored for the whole day yesterday. "Of course I didn't expect the escort, I never asked for it and I never thought I would have it, "he says to the microphones of Rainews24. As for the Parliamentary Commission that you wanted against racism, hatred and violence, it does not untie the knot if it presides over it or if it is part of it, after the abstention of the entire center-right ("we will see what my role will be"). On one point, however, it is very clear: "I did not want the Commission against anti-Semitism but absolutely against hatred and as such I wish it were planned. There is an atmosphere of hatred and hatred is a horrible word ”. Surprisingly during the afternoon he received a visit to his home by the League secretary Matteo Salvini – and who voted against the commission against the language of hatred – who presented himself with his daughter, but there is the utmost secrecy about the contents of their interview.

Just on the Commission is still controversy between the parties. "At Segre" we should apologize as a state, "says the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, which defines "a defeat for all the institutions "the fact that today the escort is necessary for her. Then he attacks the former allies of the League, which together with fDI is Forza Italia yes. I am abstained: thus "endorse the behavior of those who have offended" the senator. "Di Maio talks about things he doesn't know and doesn't understand", he replies Giorgia melons, which reiterates: "The center-right abstained because the motion is a very weak instrument against anti-Semitism, but on the other hand it is a very strong instrument of political censorship on the web". Anna Maria Bernini, parent company of Fi in the Senate defines "pitiable"Di Maio's accusations, given that"Forza Italia has always been clearly aligned on the front of anti-Semitism ". This morning also the leader of the League had intervened on the matter: nothing in common with those who preach hatred against the Jews: being anti-Semitic in 2019 “is from the mentally ill"And we" will work to have less and less haters ". And if from the Lega there is "maximum support and solidarity" for the senator for life, it is however "surreal that there are death threats in the A and B series," Salvini added, referring to those he himself received. The Democratic Party Secretary also attacks Nicola Zingaretti. "They make dinners to celebrate the march on Rome. Students are denied funding to go to Auschwitz. The survivors of the Holocaust they need the escort. The right brings Italy back in violence, "he writes in a tweet.


And if it's still debating the mayor's no Carlo Masci and of the League to the proposal of the center-left to give Segre honorary citizenship of Pescara, other first citizens are ready to offer recognition to the senator for life. Among the mayors ready to give her citizenship there is also the League of Ferrara Alan Fabbri which speaks of a gesture of "profound respect for all the victims of the Holocaust". Solidarity demonstrations are organized in Milan: the witness of the Shoah was invited to a meeting at the Pirellone by the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana. THE friars of Assisi on their part they undertake to be “la buffer stock brotherly”Of the senator for life.


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