secret pact with the Libyan coast guard to bring them back


Migrants, Maltese media: secret agreement with the Libyan coast guard to bring them back

There would be a secret pact between Malta and the coast guard of the Libya to bring back i migrants. The writes the Sunday Times of Malta. Malta would negotiate a secret agreement with Libya for a coordination between the Maltese armed forces (AFM, which include the navy) and the controversial Libyan coast guard, which would intercept the migrants' barges on the recommendation of the Afm before entering the Maltese waters and bring them back to Libya. A scoop that confirms what it is Ong, Alarm Phone in particular, have been reporting for some time. Government sources, questioned by the newspaper, have also justified the agreement by claiming that it was done on the model of "the one that the Italians have with Libya".

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According to the Maltese newspaper, the Labor government of Joseph Muscat over the past year he would negotiate a coordination between the Maltese armed forces (AFM, which include the navy) and the controversial Libyan coast guard to ensure that the boats are brought back to Libya before they become the responsibility of Malta. Alarm Phone on Twitter has relaunched the news underlining that "although it is not a surprise, it is now confirmed that the Maltese authorities coordinate interceptions in collaboration with Libya" and denouncing an agreement that "prevents people from escaping from a war zone and violates international human rights conventions ". While up UN commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) announced that he had asked the Maltese government for explanations about Malta's requests for assistance from Libyan coastguards, particularly in an October 18 case.

To accompany the scoop, the Times of Malta published a photo of a meeting between the Maltese colonel Clinton ilNeil, head of operations and intelligence Afm, and the Libyan deputy prime minister Ahmed Maiteeq, organized by the Maltese Ambassador a Tripoli. In the foreground, a member of the cabinet of the Maltese prime minister, Neville Gafa, repeatedly accused of corruption in issuing visas for irregular medical reasons. According to the newspaper, Gafa was credited as "special envoy of Prime Minister Muscat" in meetings with the Libyan government and last year he was forced to admit that he had a meeting with Hajthem Tajouri, leader of a militia that runs a private lager and a extortion racket. According to high-level government sources quoted by the newspaper, the first contacts between Valletta and Tripoli date back to last year.

"Now we have reached an agreement that we can call 'comprensione with the Libyans – the source said -. When there is a boat heading towards our waters, the AFM coordinates with the Libyans who take them and take them back to Libya before they enter our waters and become our responsibility ». The government source, according to the Times of Malta, also pointed out that without the agreement the island would have been "submerged by migrants". From the prime minister's cabinet, a spokesman said that bilateral meetings are continuously conducted from Malta, adding that the country "always respects" international conventions and laws. "The Libyan coastguard – he added – is financed and trained by the European Union itself to support the management of migrants and combat human trafficking"

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