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From Thursday 7 November the obligation of anti-abandon seats in the car was triggered and for the whole day nothing was understood of what would have happened. Fines, yes or no? Reimbursement of the contribution of 30 euros for the purchase, how? And which ones to buy? And where? Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and Forza Italia have raised themselves against the government for the chaos due to the lack of clear information on sanctions, while consumer associations and Aci have reported that many shops, even online sales, are still lacking of devices. Then, in the afternoon, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Paola De Micheli, with a video posted on her Facebook profile reassured her parents: C 'the government's readiness – he said – to intervene to postpone the application of sanctions.

Also M5s and Pd had announced, separately, the presentation of an amendment to the fiscal decree to make the application of the fines of at least 4 months postpone.

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Seats: the sensors must be activated
Seats, the sensor requirement is set for November 7th

Absurd, therefore, for the minister, the political and instrumental controversies: the urgency of the law (a rule that dates back to 2018 and which already provided for 120 days for an obligatory note) cannot be questioned, said De Micheli in his video , it is a law of civilization and not an additional tax on families.

The fines, up to 300 euros, are therefore postponed, but families must begin to address the problem. Also because the law provides for a 5 point reduction on the license. And here is another crucial point: at the moment, the availability of all the devices necessary in stores, even online, is lacking. Aci reminds that there are one million and 800 thousand children who will need an anti-abandon seat while on the market, from here to Christmas only 250 thousand will be available. There are already those who have put themselves in order until today but there are many families that still have to do it. For Geronimo Russa, president of ACI in Milan, it would have been better with a bit more common sense, to trigger the obligation on the estimated date at the time, March 6, 2020, to give way to everyone, producers, sellers and users , to gear up.

The Family Forum, the association close to the CEI that deals with the family, asked for the temporary stop to the sanctions. And to attack the government was the League in Parliament. Giorgia Meloni, FdI, criticized the lack of an adequate information campaign, for example on the contribution: how will it be possible to access it ?.

From the government, water on the fire: mothers and fathers will have to keep the receipt when they buy the device to be applied to the seat or even if they opt for the purchase of the seat with the device already inserted, and the state contribution of 30 euros will be there.

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