Seat eScooter, here is the first 100% electric motor of the Spanish House | Concept


seat presents his first concept of electric scooter (Let's clarify, understood as moped, not scooter). It is simply called eScooter, and will officially arrive on the market next year. It will equate to a 125 cc combustion engine: it has one maximum power of 15 hp and a torque of 240 Nm; 0-50 km / h acceleration occurs in 3.8 seconds, while top speed is 100 km / h.

The replaceable batteries (a solution already seen a few months ago with the Minimò city car) in a few moments, guarantee aautonomy of 115 km. However, there remains a compartment, large enough to hold the helmet, under the saddle. To charge the vehicle you can connect it directly to the electrical outlet or take out the batteries, for greater convenience. According to Seat's studies, the average urban distance of this type of vehicle is between 10 and 20 km per day, so it is theorisable to fully recharge the batteries once a week.

The scooter will be sold starting next year, as we said, but prices have not yet been announced. Seat provides also to offer it for hire, as part of a ride sharing project: the first city involved will be Barcelona. eScooter is made in collaboration with Silence, a Spanish company specialized in the construction of motorcycles and electric scooters.

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