Scrapping ter, last call for 1.8 million Italians –


Last call, December 2, for the payment of the first installment of the scrapping-ter and for the balance and removal of the files. For those who do not pay the debt, the debt can no longer be paid in installments and the Collection Agent must resume recovery actions. However, those who have problems can pay up to 9 December, taking advantage of the five days of tolerance provided for tax payments.

The Italians at the cash desk

The deadline concerns about 1.8 million tax payers. For over 1.1 million it is the payment of the second installment or the first and second installment for those who missed the July installment. There are then 385,000 tax payers who have joined the "balance and removal" (foreseen for those who have an ISEE of up to 20,000 euros) and 267,000 "latecomers" of the scrapping-ter, that is, those who have benefited from the reopening of the terms until 31 July to present the application (the initial deadline was April 30th).

How and where to pay

It is possible to pay the installments at your bank, at the ATMs authorized for the Cbill payment services, with your internet banking, at the post offices, in the tobacconists belonging to Banca 5 SpA and through the Sisal and Lottomatica circuits, on the portal www.agenziaentrateriscossione and with the Equiclick App via the PagoPa platform or directly at the counters. Finally, it is possible to make the payment by offsetting against the non-prescribed trade credits, certain liquids and payable (c.d. certified credits) accrued for supplies, supplies, tenders and services to the Public Administration.

By 9 anyway in order

The law is set for December 2, but the rules provide for a five-day tolerance for tax payments. Who pays late but within this period of time, in essence, can still be considered in order. Since the fifth day following December 2 falls on a Saturday, payments made by Monday 9 December are valid. To clarify it officially a note from the Revenue Agency – Collection. Do not panic, therefore, for those who find it difficult to pay on Monday.

On the sito all the information and online services to request a copy of the "Communication of the sums due" with the relative bulletins and to choose the folders / notices that you intend to actually pay on a facilitated basis.

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