Scotto: "We threw everything! De Laurentiis could change coach just for a reason"


Giovanni Scotto, journalist of Il Roma, currently excludes a possible farewell from Carlo Ancelotti from the Naples bench.

Napoli was also blocked by Genoa, a terrible moment for the Italian team. Giovanni Scotto, journalist of Il Roma, reports the following on Twitter: "Napoli has a huge technical potential. It's hard to think that after a week like this a good performance could come, but this team is dying out. There is no game or even identity. Continuous mistakes. Accidents are not an alibi. It will be a long pause, what I personally regret the most is that in a year it is half full of all the beauty that was built in three years. "

"The references have disappeared, in the field and in the locker room. You have to start from the beginning. And this all against all does not seem to have outlets." Giovanni Scotto then added: "The only reason that can induce De Laurentiis to change coaches is to realize that Napoli really risks not arriving in the Champions League. Exemption would be very expensive, but at the moment Ancelotti is not in question. To be excluded, to date, resignation of the technician ".

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