Scotto: "Bufera Napoli, at the moment no excuses. Discomforting to see Ancelotti go away without …"


The Roma journalist has made some statements to his colleagues at Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli to take stock of the situation in the home of the Neapolitans.

Giovanni Scotto, journalist of the newspaper Rome, spoke on the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. These are his words: "Extremely ugly week for the Neapolitan team, among other things, it could have avoided the bad figure that also involves the public. All the teams have similar problems but are not put on the streets this way. Now the only medicine is the victory Indeed, a series of important results to quickly forget what happened, and this path would also serve to show that if the players have made this gesture it is not out of love for the jersey also because Naples deserves something else. It was heartbreaking to see Carlo Ancelotti go away like that, without saying a word".

Poi Scotto added: "It was bad at the same time to see the team become a joke. I didn't read any apology message from either the players or the players: we hope to see it in the next few hours. The fan is not stupid and knows that "To put the team in the sedan was the right way to challenge the players' decision not to return to retreat as the club wanted. The open-door training was not done in my opinion. Many fans have deserted because of this. The public must always support the team "Naples-Genoa presale? Does not mean a full San Paolo. If tomorrow the public whistles it will give other pressures to the team or an alibi to the players".

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