Scoreboard TS – Lautaro always creates something. Four inadequacies


More than an insufficiency for the Nerazzurri on the report cards of Tuttosport, despite a convincing choral performance and a deserved success at the Dall'Ara.

HANDANOVIC 5.5 Bravo at the start to divert Samson's shot. On the goal, net of De Vrij's deviation, he does not appear to be at fault.
SKRINIAR 6.5 Celebrate the 100th with Inter with the most convincing performance since Inter played at three. From its parts, Bologna always has a hard life.
DE VRIJ 6 Oscar of bad luck for the deviation on the shot of Soriano that leads to the goal of Bologna.
STICKS 6 He is the youngest in the central battery, but he plays with a veteran's attitude, also showing personality in making the ball spin.
LAZARO 6.5 The fact of playing from the beginning benefits him a lot: crystalline performance in which he does not offer smears in defense and always builds interesting things when Inter attacks, including the action that leads to 1-1 where Brozovic's cross is favored by a good play. Politano (40 ’st) ng.
GAGLIARDINI 5 He struggles a lot in the middle of the field and the warning for having cut the field after the substitution shouts revenge. Vecino (27 ’st) 6 Get in the game well.
BROZOVIC 5.5 Suffers the pressing of the opponents and the ad hoc marking of Soriano. It is partially rehabilitated by crossing the ball that leads to the same.
STRETCHER 6.5 In the second half it is a fury for how he manages to attack his opponents and to restart: in this Inter it is irreplaceable.
BIRAGHI 5.5 Relaunched from the turnover, he plays a somewhat dull game. Candreva (29 ’st) 6.5 He plays out of position, but his entry into the field is still a factor in the game.
LUKAKU 7.5 Simply amazing game: in addition to the two goals (we are at 9 in the first 11 days: like Ronaldo in 1997/98) he brings the team up and handles master balls. Half a vote less for the missed goal in the 16th minute of the second half after a great play by Lazaro.
MARTINEZ 7 Forces Skorupski to a big parade and, whenever he has the ball, he always seems to be able to do something. The rigor, sought with intelligence, is a photograph of his game.
ALL. COUNT 7 The sixth victory in six trips is also the one that has greater specific weight as it came.

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