Scoreboard Lecce: the votes to the Giallorossi after the knockout with Lazio – News on the U.S. Lecce


Gabriel rating 5.5: one Sunday to collect the ball from inside the door. Day to forget

Meccariello vote 5: Lulic is a difficult opponent to mark, if you add Correa the game gets more and more complicated. Bad day.

Answer with no vote

Lucioni vote 5: the offensive department of Lazio is too fast and devastating. Does not hold the pace.

Rossettini vote 6: is lost Correa in the goal of the 1-0 of Lazio. He redeems himself with the assist for Lapadula on 1-1.

Calderoni vote 6: one against one with Lazzari was perpetually active throughout the game. Play without fear. Several pushes and crosses in the penalty area.

Majer vote 6: it does a lot of wood, it keeps up until the energy in the field ends.

Shakhov vote 5: does not change the fate of the meeting. His contribution to the team is not very evident.

Tachtsidis rating 5.5: slow and cumbersome. He suffered a lot in the middle of the field.

Petriccione vote 6: his assist for La Mantia's first Serie A goal. Match played with the usual quality.

Mancosu vote 6: has the opportunity to score in a couple of actions, but does not materialize. Then he managed to get the penalty when the game was 2-1.

Lapadula vote 7: no longer stops. Third seasonal goal for the ex Genoa who has returned to being a real sniper. Mark and see the 2-2 goal canceled. Fight like a bull.

Babacar rating 4.5: twist in twist and miracle between the posts of Strakosha, which repels the ball on the goal line. Despite this he plays without determination and desire to break the world. Wrong the penalty kick that could have allowed Lecce to draw 2-1.

The Mantia vote 6.5: enters a dark moment of the game, but manages to score his first career goal in Serie A. It also affects the pole in the final.

Liverani vote 6: his Lecce tries to push until the last one. His boys play head-on despite very incredible refereeing decisions. He forcibly designed a team without Farias, Falco and Tabanelli. More could not do, Lecce leaves the stadium "Olympic' with your head held high.


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