Scoreboard CdS – Sticks is a giant, Handanovic gives the penalty


Obviously, even on the pages of Corriere dello Sport it is Barella who receives the best vote in the report cards. Even here, behind the blackboard ends Handanovic.

Handanovic 5.5 Missed the exit and gave the penalty of 1-0. Then spectator.
Skriniar 6 When he is pointed he is not afraid. Less well when it has to carry on the sphere.
De Vrij 7 Many balls played and lots of verticals. Director added with good closures and clearness in the passages (93% accuracy).
Sticks 7 He goes to look for a high recovery, but above all he sets and advances well. In the second half he is a giant.
Lazaro 6.5 Good start, then the decline and the second fraction with the assist of the 1-1 and other good moves.
D’Ambrosio (40’st) sv
Vecino 7 For a long time not brilliant, but it is close to scoring in the first half final and then finds him in the second half. It is the shock net.
Brozovic 6.5 Initially pressed, he manages to break free and gets to the shot. He supports the team and does not lose the compass.
Stretcher 7.5 Intense race, with many races and some wrong balls. It has the merit of never pulling back the foot and above all of scoring with a right to turn 2-1.
Biraghi 6 Several discreet crosses, some good placed. After the hardships of Dortmund, he must not defend and is more at ease.
Candreva (18 ’st) 6 Porta brio. First left and then right.
Lukaku 6 Several times dangerous: close to scoring, fighting well and physically engaging the Gialloblu defense. If you didn't devour 2-1 …
L. Martinez 5 The championship version is less effective than the Champions version. He tries, but he is very wrong.
Esposito (36 ’st) 6 Take part in the final assault.
Count (annex) 6.5 Another victory suffering. Forget the 3-2 of Dortmund and return first in the standings.

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