Sconcerti: "Serie A, a resounding news will start soon! I would see Lippi in Fiorentina"


Mario Sconcerti, journalist and columnist for the Corriere della Sera, issued some statements during Maracan, on TMW Radio.

During Maracana, on TMW Radio, Mario Sconcerti told her about the hot topics of the sports day. These are his words reported by "In England the intensity of the training is very different in comparison to ours; above all, we work a lot more with the ball than we do: How to get to that level? The real difference is made by the proceeds, they give quality to their game above all thanks to the wealth of the companies: the money allows you to take the best players, the ones that make the difference, foreign coaches, the mixture of ideas and alternative views always helps, they have grown thanks to this too. abroad our class of coaches is not shining, except for some isolated cases ".

Mario Sconcerti then added: "In Italy, at this moment, there is a lack of generational change on the bench. The wind, in football, is changing considerably: these new tablets, which will be introduced in January, are a considerable index of evolution. It will be a novelty clamorosto. Our football does not feel nostalgic for technicians like Mourinho, we lack Sacchi men or complete coaches in all like Marcello Lippi: in Italy nobody won like him. Where would I like to see it? At Fiorentina, a team with many young people and without experienced men. De Zerbi? He is not a revolutionary, he plays Sassuolo like Guardiola's first Barcelona. Liverani? He's a leader, good at making the team angry ".

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