Sconcerti "De Laurentiis can punish me, don't take me prisoner: I have the right to sleep at home!"


Mario Sconcerti, columnist for Corriere della Sera and face of Canale 21, answered some questions about De Laurentiis on the microphones of Radio Marte.

Mario Sconcerti has issued some statements to the microphones of Mars Sports Live, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan home – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "What happened in these days at home in Naples is the fruit of something that was already there. In my opinion, there was already a profoundly boiling situation and, in the end, this situation got out of hand a little at all ".

Sconcerti then added: "Having said that, I would remind you that it was the players who thought they were suing first, because they didn't want to go forced into the retreat. And the reason is simple: you Aurelio De Laurentiis, my employer, you can punish me at work, don't take me prisoner. In the evening I have the right to come back home. If we don't think so, we judge football out of life, "said the well-known journalist and columnist for Corriere della Sera.

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