Sconcerti: "Ancelotti invited to resign, I'm with Carlo! A beautiful market, what do you want to tell him?"


Mario Sconcerti agrees with Carlo Ancelotti. The well-known journalist who spoke today spoke to Radio Marte.

Mario Sconcerti has issued some statements to the microphones of Mars Sports Live, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan home – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "I agree with Carlo Ancelotti, when he says that Napoli was and remains a very good team. A bit of trouble was made in the management of the camp, but no one can say anything to this team, because it is complete ".

Sconcerti then added: "Maybe he is getting too young, or perhaps he has too many repetitive roles within him, but he remains a lady team. From the outside, personally I think the market done by Napoli is beautiful. The coach must now resign, not having been heard by the "Team? He could also do it. Whether he has been invited to resign there is no doubt, but I believe that right now we will try to reason and we will want to make the best possible decisions."

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