"Schumacher's conditions? I fear Corinna does not tell the truth to the fans"


ROME – He is the man who discovered him and took him to F1 and was his manager for a long time. Now, however, Willi Weber has not seen Michael Schumacher for about six years, that is, since the end of 2013, the seven-time F1 champion had an accident on skis from which he has not yet recovered, given the severity of the injuries. Weber, interviewed by German newspaper Express.de, reveals that it is Michael's wife that prevents him from seeing his friend and former client.

Schumacher's daughter runs … on horseback!

Real fighter

"I know that Michael was seriously injured and nothing more – he claims – I don't know if he has made progress with rehabilitation or anything. I'd love to see him again, shake his hand. But his wife Corinna won't let me. He is afraid that he will discover the truth about his condition and reveal it to the public". Although Weber has not seen Michael since the accident and does not know his health, he is convinced that Schumi will recover:"I firmly believe in his healing of Michael because I know he is a fighter. If there is a possibility, it will exploit it. This cannot be the end. I pray for him every day and I am convinced that we will see him again ".

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