"Sarri will be the next Napoli coach? De Laurentiis is nostalgic!" Santini's answer arrives


Fabio Santini, journalist and market expert, has released some statements during the transmission of the trial, on 7 Gold.

The journalist and transfer market expert Fabio Santini, issued some statements during the sports broadcast The process, program broadcast on 7 Gold responding, among other things, to a question posed by the television studio regarding the possibility that, on the Naples bench, an old acquaintance of all the blue fans will sit next season: mister Maurizio Sarri. De Laurentiis would miss the current Juventus coach

This is Fabio Santini's answer: "The voice of a possible and sensational return to me has arrived Naples by Maurizio Sarri. It is not a piece of news in the air. Many would like a return of the so-called Sarrismo. However, it must be said that the relations between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Maurizio Sarri are certainly not idyllic and should first be sewn up. In addition, Napoli carefully monitors two names: Luciano Spalletti and Gennaro Gattuso. "

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