Sarri wants more goals from Higuain and 'hopes' in Milan's anger


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It was supposed to be the hit of the summer: 18 million annual loan with the right of redemption set at 36. It was early August 2018, at Milan they were all crazy about Gonzalo Higuain. Result? 8 goals in 22 games, with a lot of wrong combo plus expulsion against Juventus. In January he packs his bags and goes to Chelsea.REBIRTH – Tonight Higuain will find Milan as his opponent, but the situation is completely different. Today Gonzalo smiles also thanks to the Sarri care. Juve has recovered after having "fought" an entire summer to avoid being sold. Months of silences to let the field talk: 3 goals so far, two in the league and one in the Champions League. Few? Yes, but decisive for the victories against Inter and Napoli. Two goals, six points. Not bad.

CHANGE – Sarri himself said he saw it different. Less bomber, more team man: almost an assist-man in every way. For information ask De Ligt or Douglas Costa. The coach would like more goals from Pipita but is aware that the Argentine is sacrificing so much for the team.

REVENGE – Motivation to a thousand tonight, special game for him that finds Milan from ex. Tooth poisoned on one side and on the other, with the Rossoneri having messed up what should have been the purchase around which the whole team had to turn. Sarri said that Higuain lives on stimulus, Milan will look for revenge against the Argentine. Past stories that come back to white, Rossoneri emotions and memories.

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