Sarri: 'Ronaldo should be thanked, but if he went away first it is a problem'


Maurizio Sarri, Juventus coach, spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports after the victory against Milan. These are his statements:MEASURED VICTORIES – "We were willing to suffer, the spirit was the right one. We have to do better in terms of quality, we have left too many spaces in different situations. The desire to win and sacrifice is important".

MILAN – "Milan have thrown so much in the goal, but almost always from outside the box. At the defensive level we played a good game, Milan has the qualities of a considerable dribble, played a game above the average level."

HIGUAIN – "He is becoming a fundamental player for us, he becomes important for how he knows how to talk with his mates".

RONALDO – "It is not a problem, on the contrary. We must thank him, with not optimal physical conditions he agreed to play. I decided to replace him because it seemed to me that he was not very well. Basically there is the boy who made himself available. angry while leaving is part of the normality of things ".

LOTS OF GAMES – "When you play so much you risk getting unloaded mentally at the end of a cycle. The team is doing everything to improve, but I liked the attitude."

STILL RONALDO – "Brave for having taken it off? I don't feel like this. Age? I don't think so, the boy in the last month has had a problem with his knee after a stroke in training. He has a collateral resentment for this, he goes into imbalance and pains in calves and adductors. Lately you can't train that much and have difficulty when you kick it. It is conditioning it. First off? It takes a bit of tolerance, when you take away a player who wants to give everything, there are five minutes of pissing, it's normal. I'd be worried about the opposite. "

PRESSING SCARSO – "You cannot have dominance without high pressure. Quality opponents know how to press well and take away possession. We are doing worse, but it is not a tactical request."


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