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We need balance. In the field and in judgments. Thus Maurizio Sarri sided with Federico Bernardeschi. Explaining how in this moment Juve needs a player who plays the role of trequartista guaranteeing "balance" to the team. And that for this reason, according to the Juventus coach, Bernardeschi's performance in that position was judged excessively negative. Do what you have to do, Sarri. Defend one of his troubled players. That's why his words are not surprising, in fact they are right and further understand how the Commander is increasingly included in the Juve mentality. But it also remains an official defense that at this time is in conflict with what was said by the camp. Because dirty work is precious, indeed fundamental. However, this cannot be enough, especially considering the investment made to snatch Fiorentina from Bernardeschi just over two years ago and that leap in quality that has always been lacking. THE TRIBUNE – Besides, if Sarri's words are not surprising, just a few days ago he had not even surprised the exclusion of Bernardeschi in Moscow: the judgments will have been excessively negative for the number 33 bianconero, but dchoosing to choose a player to send to the stands against Lokomotiv, then Sarri opted for him. Again, rightly so. An external striker, trequartista or mezzala in the future, Bernardeschi continues to be in search of himself in the field. The risk of becoming another player to wait forever is becoming more and more concrete. One thing, however, is equally certain: Sarri's Juve is today the best environment for him, even if the bar is very high. Too much? Only he can give the answer. But yesgiving balance to the team is too little for a player who aspired to become the new number 10 of Juve.

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