Sardines, the date of the "landing in politics": in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, "100 thousand against Salvini"


The great definitive leap of the sardines in politics it will take place at 3 pm on December 14th. Appointment in piazza San Giovanni to Rome, place-symbol for all the big party events, from the Democratic Party to the 5 Star Movement until the last meeting of Matteo Salvini which brought together the center-right traction sovereignist.

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The choice of the "spontaneous" anti-Northern movement is not accidental: the goal is to gather in the capital even 100 thousand people. Difficult to think, given the support obtained on Facebook from the various local pages of Pd, who shared the various street mobilizations around Italy, that even in San Giovanni there will be no "political color".

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, the "sardines" in the square in Perugia last week

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