Sardines, the appeal of Greta Thunberg's boys: "29 in the square together"


The boys of Greta wink at the movement of the "sardines":" In the square together ". The young Italians of Fridays For Future, who fight against climate change, they feel close to the boys who fight against sovereignty (and against Salvini). Thus, the Roman branch of FFF, presenting the fourth Global Climate Strike, which will be held Friday, November 29, launches an appeal to the sardines to join the event.

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Worldwide, the date was not chosen at random. November 29th is the Black Friday, the day of megasconti in stores, which has spread all over the world from the United States. For Greta's boys, it is an orgy of unsustainable consumerism, a feast of waste that causes the consumption of resources and the production of greenhouse gases to soar. But in Italy, the mobilization of the Greta boys went to cross that of the sardines. And the young Romans for the climate have thought of uniting their squares with those against sovereignty. Accomplice to the fact that the League has always been cold on climate issues, and that abroad the rights close to it, from Trump to Bolsonaro, are often denialists.

Friday for Future, a million kids in the streets

The Roman boys of Greta, in an open letter to sardines read this morning in front of Montecitorio, say they are "convinced that the objectives for which we both fight are complementary and indeed coincide. We are confident that many of you are concerned about the climatic situation, as we know that many of us are taking part with enthusiasm in your initiatives to highlight the democratic emergency in progress in the country. These exchanges, these mingling are the most evident sign that the climatic emergency cannot be faced and resolved without first facing the democratic emergency ".

Fridays For Future, the Roman students: «We don't skip school, we fight for the future»

It remains to be seen whether the other Italian activists of Fridays For Future (which does not have a central organization, but only citizen committees) will share this "encroachment" into politics. The strong theme of the fourth global climate strike is actually Black Friday, and the consumerist model it represents. "It is exactly the system we are fighting," explained Marianna Panzarino of FFF Roma. "A consumer good is offered at a very low price, because the way in which that good was produced allows that price, and obviously it is not eco-sustainable.». But that is not all. The appeal of sardines also conquers the LGTB community which, surprisingly, announces a further probable collaboration: "Tonight, during the LGBT + Muccassassina evening, we will host the Sardines on our stage, starting the alliance between Sardine and the LGBT + community», let the circle know Mario Mieli.

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