Sardines, registered trademark and manifest: "We embankment to populism. You will find us everywhere


The movement anti-Salvini of the sardines has sensed the political opportunity and dreams big. The extensive media coverage and the support of some political parties prompted the organizers of the Bologna event to register the brand name and publish a manifest. First of all, as it reveals Mattia Santori all 'Adnkronos, trademark registration "6000 sardines" at the EU office for intellectual property it was necessary to "avoid confusion with events that do not belong to us". The domain registered is "", in response to the fake domains purchased in recent days and bearing the following denominations: "" or "".

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On the same day, the movement published a poster on the Facebook page. The recipients are the so-called populist parties: "Dear populist, the party is over (…) Welcome to the open sea. You will find us everywhere. "Then the events were reviewed – where Matteo Salvini will hold rallies – in which the Bologna movement will participate. We will start tonight in Sorrento, tomorrow in Palermo; while on Saturday the sardines will be in Reggio Emilia and Perugia. Then Sunday in Rimini; November 25th in Parma; 30 in Florence, Naples and Ferrara. Finally the last appointment in Milan, Sunday 1 December.

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