Sardines, Giorgia Meloni attacks the PD: "They are peaceful and we are subversive?", Here are the two photographs


Two weights and two measures. Always like that, on the left. Even on sardines, for example, elected to peaceful street movement, painted like enlightened boys who do the good of the country and so on and so on. Let it be clear, nobody wants to accuse the sardines of anything. They simply highlight themselves the two weights and the two measures. And it does it perfectly Giorgia Meloni, on Twitter, where it raises a picture of a sardine demonstration and a second photo of the event organized by Brothers of Italy to ask for elections, immediately. And Meloni comments: "Paradoxes of the Italian left: the sardine demonstrations are an example of democracy, while thousands of Italians who took to the Montecitorio square against the government of the mess are subversive. For the left the demonstrations are legitimate only if in their favor … ", concludes Giorgia Meloni.

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In the video (Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev Agency) Meloni attacks Pd and sardines

Below is the Giorgia Meloni tweet:

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