Sardine, Republic on its knees by Mattia Santori "between Marx and Churchill against the Nazis". Left delirium


Kneeling by sardines. The left in disarray looks in the boys against the streets against Matteo Salvini the new political beacon. The trouble is that the "new symbol" syndrome grips not only the leaders of Pd increasingly fragile, but also the "intellectual salons". Republic, in this sense, it is a perfect example. As you remember Italy today, the comment of Francesco Merlo it is pure enthusiasm: "The sardines are scary to Salvini because they are the left that finally is not scary", "scare Salvini because they are not afraid", "stun the predator" in an "exciting contagion".

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About the fact that they are not afraid, in the light of the comments on Facebook of many of them in which they wish a Salvini hanging upside down, there would be a mistake but this to Republic affects little or nothing. Always Merlo compares Mattia Santori and companions now a Marx now a Churchill against i Nazis, "they sing Hello beautiful with the composure of the choristers of the college of Cambridge"and express an" epic of the species and the community that protects the individual ". Yes, we are already at"sardinismo".

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