Salvini: "The second Berlin wall will fall in Emilia"


CARPI (Modena) – "Give me a hand so that the second Berlin Wall can fall here in Emilia, together we will make it". It is the most applauded passage of Matteo Salvini's intervention in Carpi, near Modena, in front of a few hundred supporters, in view of the regional elections next January 26 in which he supports his candidate Lucia Borgonzoni."If you give us a hand to win here in Emilia, I assure you that we return to the government. Now there are people in the government who joke with the jobs, they are massacring our economy, we will not allow it", he continues. In a corner, under the arcades, a few dozen protesters they whistled his speech. But against them, in a climate of still only verbal confrontation, the supporters of the former minister replied shouting "Buffoni, buffoni", "Lega, Lega".
"You have been defeated by history before the voters," Salvini said to the protesters. "On January 26 there will be the second fall of the Berlin Wall". And again:" If the left is firm to the threats and insults, it means that we are preparing to take the region, that they are ready to make the boxes. Emilia is a land that deserves much more: I look forward to January 26 when, finally, after 50 years, change can be chosen. You have seen how many people listen. The protesters are not the Emilia, they are about thirty nostalgics who have not realized that the wall has collapsed ". A few hours later, in Ferrara, Salvini goes up:" Against me the left has only one program: fuck you. They sing Bella Ciao, they talk about workers, but they do it with the Rolex and Luis Vitton. But at least leave the Rolex at home, pretend you have calluses on your hands … ".There were about fifty people in Carpi booed the interventions by Salvini and Borgonzoni, as they spoke on a stage in front of the town hall of Carpi, a symbolic city and once a historic stronghold of the Emilia Romagna PCI. These days, a chocolate fair is being held in the Modena town. It's theirs banner it is inspired by this coincidence: "Let's not confuse chocolate with shit", with this last word written in green paint. Whistles, screams, exchanges of offenses, but only verbal confrontation. No scuffle. Among those behind the banner, some have a red scarf around their neck, with the inscription embroidered: "Carpi does not bind. Bonaccini President". And among them also two flags, one of the old PCI and one of the FGCI, the youth organization of Berlinguer's party.

And again, in the days when the life-support of the senator is assigned Liliana Segre, the former deputy premier explains: "Those who deny the Holocaust and threaten the Jews are out of their minds, those who deny the crimes of Stalin and Lenin are freaked out," says Salvini. "It is right to be close to Liliana Segre and to anyone who is a victim of neighbor's violence. However, without the hypocrisy of someone on the left who is clamoring for Liliana Segre and then, when the Jewish Brigade is presented in the square on April 25, the whistle blows because he hates Israel and wants to wipe it off the face of the earth.

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