Salvini gives himself a moderate. No rush to vote


Suddenly he archived the Papeete Beach, the console and the mojito, and turned into a moderate. On the upper floors of the palaces there are those who claim that Matteo Salvini, the Northern League captain who invoked "full powers" and opened an extra-parliamentary government crisis in the dark, was convinced that he would return to the polls. No, no, forget all this. Now the phase of pacification, mediation, and study of the dossiers has begun because, he repeats very often to the most faithful, "we must study, deepen before hurling ourselves against someone or against something".

The study phase, of course, goes first and foremost by a revolution in the party, a real restructuring with the appointment of department heads who will have the daunting task of following every single dossier as if they were facing a university exam. To be clear, "no more Savoini or Arata", confess from Via Bellerio. And it is a little what explains Andrea Crippa, enfant prodige of Lega'sism, and for the last few months, number two of the Carroccio: "If you go to a 2% party, it is clear that they then create the sanitary cordon". Following is another example that Crippa makes to reveal what is happening inside the party: "We have clear ideas about immigration, security, flat tax, pension, but not about international policies where we have committed a series of errors. Russia and the United States can be together but we need to understand what and where to go where … ".

Hence the Copernican revolution of a party that has a ruling class in the territories, but that the next time it wishes to arrive prepared if the opportunity to govern is presented. Not by chance, today Salvini is not the most centralist, but instead has the marathon runner's pace. And he insists with this maxim: "One step at a time". In the head of the former Minister of the Interior there is only Emilia Romagna. "If Emilia falls, the system falls", she sighs with some advisers. After Umbria, the red Emilia. And then? There is no hurry. Also because the former tenant of the Interior Ministry is in an ideal situation. Pd, M5S and Renziani government quarrel and decrease in polls. While he continues undaunted to "trudge", to conquer pieces of Belpaese and to rise as an index of magnification. "The more they go on, the more they crash", observes a weight of the League's ninety. And then the Captain is aware of the historical phase that the Belpaese is going through, of the economy that does not take off, of the multiple corporate crises that from here a few months will have to face who the government will be. In short, it would not be easy to lead the country in these conditions.

Having said that, then there is a party that will have to oppose in Parliament, which will have to build a safety net to avoid mistakes made in the past. On all of them, they explain, "that of not having voted for Ursula Von der Layen because we should have understood that we were being fooled". They call it a "blue mistake" that passage, no longer committing because "the chancelleries asphalt you, isolate you, make you impotent". In short, it is a question of redefining Salvinism with more moderate tones, with calibrated exits because "we are not the fascists, the lepenists who describe us, we are a ruling party that leads the regions that produce the Italian GDP, we are a party that in Parliament he has written reasonable laws ". That's why "we must reassure the electorate, we must not encapsulate the tones". The approach to follow is that of a more inclusive political subject to ensure that the League becomes the home of Italian moderates. A sort of Christian democracy 2.0, or Forza Italia 2.0. Hence the hand extended to the Vatican, to the Secretariat of State, "I look for dialogue with Catholics, I will see Camillo Ruini, but not only him". Without losing sight of the steps towards the European People's Party. Giancarlo Giorgetti is its theorist: "The League in the EPP? I wouldn't exclude it a priori. With the Bavarian CSU, for example, there are many elements of consonance ", he announced last September 29th in In Mezz'Ora in Piu on Raitre. However, given what has been consummated between Strasbourg and Brussels it is preferable, they assure us, a clearer line that shows "Italy in the role of mediation country it had in the 1980s". In the words of Crippa, "we cannot think of making war on the world".

Be that as it may, when last Sunday the number one of the League began to browse the newspapers, it was very impressed by the interview of the Corriere della Sera with Camillo Ruini. He did not expect an endorsement of such great extent. Not by chance when he went on TV, he quoted the Pope twice: "Francis said he can be welcomed as long as he can". And again: "No to the culture of waste". And it is this other clue that goes in the same direction as the meeting that Salvini will do with Liliana Segre very soon. Or the opening towards the outgoing president of the ECB, Mario Draghi. That "Why not?" To the hypothesis of the former governor of the Bank of Italy and of the ECB as Sergio Mattarella's successor certifies that Salvini actually dismissed the Papeete. Someone murmurs that behind the exit on Draghi there is a sort of barter: "If we return to the vote, we will give our word on Draghi President of the Republic". But it is still early to outline scenarios. And to imagine yourself at the command post of the country. Because before all this there will be Emilia. And the new Salvini thinks only of the red region par excellence. On everything else he is in no hurry.

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