Salvini appeals to the Lombard militants to fill the building in Bologna


BOLOGNA – The League of Lombardy writes to all its territorial and provincial organizations: "Attention, maximum mobilization so that Paladozza is packed for the opening event of the electoral campaign in Emilia Romagna to launch a clear and decisive signal of imminent eviction to the abusive government of the seats, taxes and immigrants ". So, thanks to the Lombard militants, Matteo Salvini plans to fill the Bologna sports hall booked for November 14 in Bologna to present his regional candidate Lucia Borgonzoni.


Bologna, the challenge to Salvini: "In six thousand on Crescentone: more sardines than Northerners"

"We will be 5,6,7mila people" Salvini said two days ago in Bologna to launch the challenge in the heart of the red region, inviting the Emilia Romagna to participate: "We are crazy and we think we will fill the paladozza one Thursday evening". In reality the leader of the League relies to succeed his Lombard members. All in black and white in a letter (found at the bottom of the article, ed) signed by Davide Rodella, responsible organization of the Lombard League, addressed to all the provincial and territorial secretaries of Lombardy. Object of the letter: mobilization of the territory for the opening of the electoral campaign in Emilia Romagna."The capacity of Paladozza is decided by the authorities in charge, Salvini is calm. If anything, if they want to show that they are in so many councils to them to make a small stage", it is the arrow of the mayor Virginio Merola. "And, given that they call the Lombards for the Emilia-Romagna elections, we are certainly not the ones to underestimate them but themselves not to trust the ability to fill Paladozza." "There are 7 thousand people as he said, but 5.570: we ask that safety be respected. Stay at Lumbard's home! Emilia-Romagna is a free land and will remain so", tweeted the councilor Matteo Lepore.


The attack of Lepore: "We Lucia Borgonzoni know it very well. Do you really want it at the helm of Emilia-Romagna?"

The Pd: "Move ultras like Mussolini with tanks"

Do not wait for the reactions from the Democratic Party, that the Regional Governor Stefano Bonaccini reappoints to the Regionals. "Salvini says 'first the Emilia Romagna's' but to fill Paladozza he must call the Lombards", attacks the regional secretary dem Paolo Calvano. Stefano Vaccari of the national secretariat speaks of "camellia troops. The League of Salvini appeals to the figurants knowing they cannot count, in Emilia-Romagna, to fill a building with the slogans of Salvini's hatred". For Nicola Oddati "Salvini moves his ultras like Mussolini moved the tanks (always the same) to make propaganda demonstrations". "Salvini doesn't care about Emilia Romagna, he just wants to run a perennial election campaign. As the people of Emilia don't come, Lombardi figurants are fine," he comments instead. Emanuele Fiano.Gianni Cuperlo, president of the Pd Foundation, invites the League leader to stop "for an instant under the images of the Piazza Nettuno Memorial. He will see the faces of those who sacrificed everything to allow her to hold her free speech. And maybe she will understand better the greatness and civilization of a land that should not be conquered but respected by everyone ". And he remembers the three days of Bologna "All another story", from 15 to 17 November: "We will think about the future of Italy and Europe". The national secretary Nicola Zingaretti will also be present.

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