Salaries for employees of the Public Administration: dates for salaries and thirteenths


THE public employees they have one more reason to wait with enthusiasm for the arrival of December. The latter, like all subordinate workers, will receive theaccreditation of the thirteenth monthly salary but, as the well-informed probably already know, to them next month monthly salary will be paid in advance.

The law in this regard is dictated by decree 350/2019 where, in Annex 1, the provisions on the subject are contained dates and methods of payment of salaries to Public Administration personnel. Regarding the crediting of the salary to a current account (postal or bank), in general, the days indicated by the legislator are the following:

  • every 22 of the month for nursery and elementary school teachers;
  • every 23 of the month for the administrative staff employed in the provincial directorates of the Treasury with fixed expense roles;
  • every 24 of the month for the remaining state personnel;
  • every 27 of the month for teachers with short supply teachers.

On these dates, Public Administration employees must always take into account for eleven months a year, except on holidays and – as we will explain below – for the month of December. In the first case, that is when the paydays coincide with a public holiday, the crediting date of the payment is simply advanced to the previous working day.

In December, when monthly salary and the sixth monthly salary are paid simultaneously, civil servants do not have to wait until the end of the month to collect what is due to them. In fact, less than 4 weeks pass between the payment of the November salary and that of the following month.

The dates to be taken into account in December, specifically, they are the following:

  • December 14th for nursery and primary school teachers;
  • December 15th for the administrative staff employed in the provincial directorates of the Treasury with fixed expense roles;
  • December 16th for teachers with short supply and the remaining state staff.

Also in this case the rule is that if one of the aforementioned days should coincide with a Sunday or a Saturday, the payday will be anticipated. This year, therefore, since the 14th and 15th of December fall on Saturday and Sunday respectively, the salaries of the Public Administration will be paid between 13 and 16 December 2019.

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