"Ronaldo is fine but I'll see tomorrow"


TURIN – Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri spoke at a press conference to present the game scheduled for tomorrow against Milan at the Allianz Stadium.

MILAN – "Milan is a good team that has not made a good initial phase of the season, but it counts up to a certain point in the single match. We have to play with a different defensive intensity, and we should be on the field differently from the last game. "

RONALDO – "I still don't know how he is, yesterday he was with the physiotherapists, we see today and tomorrow morning how he will stay. I know he has nothing in particular, just a little pain in his knee that unbalances him a bit in the game. "

DE LIGT – "Yesterday he did positive tests on the pitch, today he will be with the team and we'll see.

MILAN – "Milan is rebuilding itself and has all the difficulties that this entails. In soccer there are cycles, they had finished theirs and to rebuild to get to the top right away is difficult. It's a team made up of young people with a great future, they have the basics I don't know how long it will take them to get back to the top. "

RAMSEY – "Ramsey is a guy who has important technical qualities and can play as a midfielder or stay behind, depending on the interpretation of the game. It is also true that in a solid midfield it can also do the inside, which can be considered offensive. For technical quality he can do both roles. Yesterday he only did one fatigue, we see today what kind of reaction he will have. "

BONUCCI – "The team cannot do without Bonucci now, for experience and personality but also for defensive management. I'm asking him for a great effort, I hope I can get him to rest later. "

GROWTH – "We have great potential for growth from the individual point of view, if the individual grows then the team grows. Even from a tactical point of view we have room for growth, in the last game we were very wrong. "

DOUGLAS COSTA – "Douglas can also range as an attacking midfielder, as he did in Moscow, not finding space in the center. In the task of the trequartista there is also the task of knowing how to move by external means. But we now need a playmaker to give us balance, we are not yet ready for a true playmaker, which is why Bernardeschi's performance has been underestimated for me. "

HIGUAIN – "Milan will have the poisoned tooth with him too. Gonzalo needs strong motivations to make the most of it, now he is well physically and mentally, it is at a time of the season when he is giving us so much from the point of view of the game, but I think he can do more from the realization point of view. "

WITHDRAWAL – "We don't go to the retreat if the game is in the evening, if it's afternoon we go there. When you play 7 games in 21 days, if you manage to take away a bit of expenditure of mental and nervous energy, raising retreats is better, it allows us to save from that point of view. However, players are often on a voluntary withdrawal basis. "

JUVE – "The team still fails to close the games as some numbers assume, but the team always tries and often finds victory until the end. It is a limit of mentality but a strength from the point of view of character. "

NAPLES – "I don't presume to understand what is happening, there are great personalities who will be able to solve things."

RABIOT – "I see Rabiot ahead of the defense that attacking midfielder. Now I didn't want to confuse his ideas because he is in the process of settling in and I put him to specialize in a single role. When he is the master, we will see alternative solutions for him. At the beginning of the championship he played well in front of the defense. "

PROBLEMS – "Any problem in a group has negative and positive implications. Sometimes the difficulties cement the groups. It may be that what you see from outside is not what it is from inside. To say that Inter has problems, with the points it has made, seems excessive to me. "

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