Ronaldo is doing well: on the pitch with Portugal. And that conversation with Nedved …


We are in order, otherwise we risk losing. After the decision to leave the Stadium following the replacement decided by Maurizio Sarri, Cristiano Ronaldo has entrenched himself behind a concrete silence, professing only banal words through social media: with a post he tried to dilute the tension immediately following the victory against Milan, with today's photos he did instead say that he 'returned'. Which is fine, yet ready to play. IN THE FIELD – Moreover, the technical commissioner Santos he doesn't seem worried about his condition. Not like Sarri, at least. He will not have problems then to launch him in the fray in these two games that will determine Portugal's path towards Euro2020. Moreover, the situation of the Lusitanians is not a simple one: CR7, the best CR7, must be the weapon in more than a formation that is qualitatively excellent, but that often lets itself be distracted by the form at the expense of the content. Look at destiny a bit: a problem that can also be found in Cristiano, ultimately the victim of a sort of inconclusiveness disease.

WITH NEDVED – Unusual pathologies aside, the Ronaldo issue at Juve cannot yet be said to have returned, despite the buckets of water on the fire thrown by the bianconera communication. The fact remains that did not apologize and that an interview with Sarri seems not to have arrived. Natural, if you like: anger must be brought to an end and maybe for Cristiano everything will end up at the next exultation. Meanwhile, on his return he will have to explain and tell Pavel Nedved. This is a clarification, not a reprimand. Words, however, due, because only misunderstandings are generated by misunderstandings.

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