Ronaldo, but what a failure! It's just envy. And with Milan he must play


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Until a week ago it was discussed whether he should win the umpteenth Golden Ball, after the race with Lokomotiv if it is in a decadent phase. The usual discontinuity of sports criticism, not really a novelty. The object of the debate is Ronaldo, back from a trip to Moscow not very bright and a couple of games in the league a bit subdued. Matches in which, despite not expressing the maximum of their talent, CR7 succeeded in entering the gallery of the protagonists: with Genoa he procured himself and transformed the decisive penalty, with Lokomotiv the 4 / fifths of the first goal belong to him and Guilherme denied him a doubling with a paratona, just as in the derby it was a resounding Sirigu who denied him the marking. And let's not forget all the nets so far canceled by the Var (those sensational in Parma and San Siro).This is to remind detractors that Ronaldo, even when playing with his hands in his pockets, almost always puts his stamp on the match. In addition to keeping the opposing defenses occupied and in constant anxiety, a detail that is not entirely negligible in the economy of a race. Eh, but you took Ronaldo to exponentially increase the productive figure of the attack, and so far it has scored little: just 6 goals in 13 games, with only 2 assists. Lautaro Martinez (8 goals, 3 assists) and Lukaku (9 goals) were superior. Pure Ciro Immobile (15 goals, 4 assists) did better than him.

Moral: Ronaldo has entered its involutionary phase. Sarri, who has sent him to truffles instead of taking him to Lecce, is also realizing it, and in Moscow he replaced him in the final match, stuff that hadn't happened since 2016. And thank goodness, I add on the sidelines I, so they will stop writing that Sarri is the bedside rug of CR7. To the easy censors I would like to remind you that, in addition to the only 6 goals scored so far with Juventus, Ronaldo has made 7 more with his national team in the 4 qualifying matches for Euro 2020. Total, 13 goals so far this season. I don't really think the score of a decadent soccer player

Always to the same people I would like to point out that, in his last season at Real (that ended with 44 goals), in the first 4 months of Liga Ronaldo he hit the door just 4 times, and only until mid-November 1. True, he scored regularly throughout the Champions League group, scoring 6 goals in the first four games, but – statistics in hand – his current performance at Juventus does not differ much from his last score in blanco, and even from his first in Juventus (7 total goals, from the beginning of the season to the first decade of November).

All this to say that, even this year, CR7 is absolutely in line with the annual "productive" trend. Honestly, I would worry if it didn't mark more. Is he listless? Is it less brilliant and explosive than usual? Do you collect performances that are not up to your reputation? What if he wasn't going through a period of great shape, like the whole team? It happens. From here to theorize that it is on the avenue of the sunset must really make a great effort of imagination, fueled perhaps by the same hope that De Ligt is an 85 million package trimmed to Juventus. In my house it is called by a single name: envy. Especially those who wanted to have him in the team and didn't have it.

Should he play with Milan? If he is well (and if he has already been called by Portugal, he is fine) absolutely yes. Lecce's mistake is not repeated, where without him he equalized and – precisely on that side – today Bennacer is building his own hope of coming to win at the Stadium. You can't face the Devil without the best exorcist.

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